Humboldt Seed Company

New Seeds Now Available - $100 each

All Gas O.G. 10 Feminized Seeds

Bigfoot Glue 10 Feminized Seeds

Blueberry Muffin 10 Feminized Seeds

Early Girl O.G. Hybrid 10 Feminized Seeds

Grow Your Own 10 Feminized Seeds

Hibiscus Tea 10 Feminized Seeds

Magic Melon 10 Feminized Seeds

Mango Sherbert 10 Feminized Seeds

Notorious THC 10 Feminized Seeds

Raspberry Parfait 10 Feminized Seeds

Royal Highness 10 Feminized Seeds

Squirt 10 Feminized Seeds

The Bling 10 Feminized Seeds

Vanilla Frosting 10 Feminized Seeds


Vanilla Frosting 20 Regulars Seeds

Very Cherry 20 Regulars Seeds

Wedding Tree 20 Regular Seeds

Dream Queen 20 Regulars Seeds

Stoopid Fruits 20 Regulars Seeds

Emerald Fire OG 20 Regulars Seeds

G.S. Cookies 20 Regulars Seeds

Jack Herer 20 Regulars Seeds

Lemon Kush 20 Regulars Seeds

Lemongrass 20 Regulars Seeds

Old Growth OG 20 Regulars Seeds


Happy 4/20!

 The Queen of Dragons would like to thank you for your help in attempting to flatten the curve and for getting an early start to the 4/20 celebrations this year! We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation and were so happy to see you all today! We will have feminized seed starts available for the coming days while supplies last, as well as some great bundle deals and discounted prices on flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and we wish you a very healthy holidaze and happy farming to all. Here are a few photos from the start of our 4/20 week! 


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